Take Control of Your Finances and

Change the Trajectory of Your Business

AutoCFO is the only forecasting tool made for high-growth entrepreneurs using QuickBooks Online.

Put uncertainty about your financials to rest. Get back to why you started a business in the first place!

Go From Avoiding Your Financials To...

“Literally The First Thing I Look At In The Morning and The Last Thing Before Bed.”

There’s no doubt about it: Understanding your cash flow as a business owner is critical.

No more clearing your schedule and locking the door to fight with spreadsheets all day… No more broken formulas producing forecasts you can’t trust… No more waking up with that sick feeling every day, wondering if enough money is coming in to pay the bills…

… And best of all: No more being a slave to your cash-eating, time-sucking, no-I-don’t-know-what-a-day-off-is, monster of a business.

As ordinary as it might seem, using the right cash flow management tool is hands-down one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself as a business owner.

You don’t have to run your business like everyone else. Free yourself from your financial chains and reap the rewards for which you’ve worked so hard.

Stop putting out fires and focus on your business’ future​

Prioritize profit for your business: you’ve earned it​

Pay yourself a consistent salary​

Created by a Working CFO

For High-Growth Entrepreneurs Like You

AutoCFO was created by a real CFO–our CEO, Blair Morrison!

Here’s what you need to know about Blair:

Blair started AutoCFO to give high-growth entrepreneurs all the benefits of working with a CFO, without the expensive hourly rate.

Know What Your Expenses Should Be

And See Where Your Money Is Actually Going

Ever looked at your end-of-month books to see positive profits, but very little cash on hand? To grow your business, you need to know where your money is being spent. Traditionally, this is one reason you’d hire a CFO, but with AutoCFO you can…

Stop Forecasting with Cumbersome, Broken Spreadsheets

Automated Cash Flow Management, In Plain English

Getting your finances in order doesn’t have to be the worst part of your month. AutoCFO allows you to do in five minutes what usually takes hours–or even days–to figure out by yourself.



Worried about getting set up? Don’t be.

(It’s much, much easier than you think)

For a limited time, we are offering a free, 30-minute on-boarding session with a CFO ($150 value), to get you up and running with AutoCFO.

On the call, we will:

You might be wondering, “How can they just give away 30 minutes of a CFO’s time to anyone who signs up?”

This offer is only available for a limited time. We plan to charge for this level of support in the near future.

"...But What If I’m Not a Finance Person?"

We often say that accountants speak “accounting finance” and entrepreneurs speak “operations finance”. These two languages are close, but not quite the same. Get these two in a room and sparks will fly.

Maybe you’ve already tried other forecasting tools (or spent hours in homemade or template spreadsheets), and they failed to give you the clarity you need to make strategic decisions for your business.

Fact is, most finance tools are made in a way that only accountants and finance professionals can understand and use them effectively.

This is why we built AutoCFO specifically with business owners and entrepreneurs in mind.

Get clear on your business finances. Run scenarios quickly and easily. Spend less time googling accounting terms and more time doing the things that grow your business.

Increase Profits and

Take Back Your Time

You started your business to do what you love AND make money.

Your time is extremely valuable. Every moment you spend trying to figure out what is going on with your finances is another moment that could’ve been spent on strategic growth.

AutoCFO frees you from monotonous, routine maintenance of your business finances and produces insights for you to chart new paths to growth.

Bring your finances into the light, and launch a new era of profitability for your business.

Try AutoCFO today.


"Do I Need to Be Able to ‘Speak Finance’ to Use AutoCFO?"

We believe you don’t need to speak finance (or have a finance degree) to run a successful high-growth business. AutoCFO was built with business owners and high-growth entrepreneurs in mind.

Spreadsheets don’t update your business finances dynamically. They also break easily. To do your finances in a spreadsheet with any certainty, you really need to be a CFO or a finance professional.

AutoCFO automates this process with beautiful, easy-to-understand charts and reports, and allows you to make sense of the murkiest part of your business–your finances.

"I Have a Tax Professional, But Still Feel Like I’m Missing Something. Can You Help Me Look at My Finances And Tell Me What I’m Missing?"

We hear this a lot from high-growth entrepreneurs.

Business owners and entrepreneurs put their hearts, souls, and bank accounts into their businesses. They sacrifice time, money, health, quality time with family and friends to make their company a success.

But sometimes giving your all isn’t enough. Lots of businesses fail because they do a bad job at managing cash flow.

Many business owners would rather not examine how they are spending money.

Tragically, many don’t realize the impact that bad cash flow management has on the growth of their business… and sometimes they have to shut down their business and go back to working a 9-to-5.

All this to say that we can’t look at your finances for you, but we can show you how you should be looking at your finances to discover new efficiencies.

AutoCFO shows you the bigger picture of your business finances, and where your company is headed financially.

"That’s Great, But I Really Would Like to Talk to a Human Being!"

Check out Virtual CFO. Work with one of our in-house CFOs and get professional onboarding, forecasting, and monthly check-ins, at 10% of the price of a part-time CFO.

No, that’s not a typo. AutoCFO can uniquely offer this service because of our powerful software – other firms still rely on hours of spreadsheet work. We’re able to offer a uniquely effective and powerful service to our users, at a competitive price point ONLY because our software does 95% of the work.