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AutoCFO is the leading CFO service for early stage entrepreneurs using QuickBooks Online.

AutoCFO is the leading CFO service for early stage entrepreneurs using QuickBooks Online.

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AutoCFO’s proprietary budgeting and analytics tool revolutionizes your relationship with your financial information.

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High Growth Entrepreneur

You are building the future, and you need a strategic plan to get there.

CFOs help you prepare your business for growth and build the strategy you need to achieve your goals. The key pillars of success are a strategic plan that involves:

Does integrating & onboarding have to be painful?

Three hours vs. six months

If you've ever outsourced an expert of any kind, you know how painful the onboarding process can be. Six hours of your time on "exploratory" calls later and you still have nothing to show for... Sound familiar? We know, because we've been there.
The AutoCFO experience is different...

Consultation and assessment

Schedule a 30-minute call during which...

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Once you've decided which CFO package is the best fit for your business, you can get started with your CFO.

Expert support for reporting to

Boards & Investors

Whether you’re trying to raise capital or report to a board, we’re here to keep your financials tidy and provide you with the reports and answers you need.

Think of us as a finance expert stashed in your back pocket to pull out when your board or investors ask difficult questions.

Imagine all of the answers at your fingertips. With real-time custom dashboards and forecast vs. actuals, the answers are only a click away.

Let us take some weight off your shoulders. We’ll get you on the right track and provide clear information, strategic advice and support to get you to the next level of growth.

Virtual CFO

Strategy at the speed of your business


Clarity & Transparency

Real-time financial transparency, a clear forecast you'll enjoy using, and visual KPI tracking so you know immediately if something goes wrong.


Strategy & Planning

Work with your CFO on a long-term, strategic plan, and achieve your goals with the confidence that comes with expert support.

Save Money

Advice & Peace of Mind

Our software solution eliminates human error inevitable with spreadsheets and enables our finance experts to spend time on advice and strategy.

Fast growing companies can’t afford to waste time and money. The biggest regret our clients have is not starting to work with us sooner. Don’t burn through 6 months of runway waiting for your finance team to onboard.

Gain financial clarity and improve the trajectory of your business, today.

Say Goodbye to surprise CFO Invoices

Simple, transparent, flat-rate pricing

Start-up support package

For young companies with straightforward accounting who need accounting review, guidance on what to track for better data, a clear budget to manage cash, and KPIs to prepare for future scaling.



One-time $1,500 setup fee.

Growth support package​

For early stage companies needing review of accounting, a clear budget to manage cash and KPIs to stay on top growth, investor reporting, and stronger financial muscles to prepare for future scaling.



Extra support package​

For businesses with more complex business models and/or active investors, that need cash management and the right KPIs to prepare for future scaling.


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Frequently asked questions

YES. This is where we shine.

Our software allows us to create a forecast in 1-3 weeks, with only 3 hours of your time. Traditional CFO Services need 6-8 weeks, and 10-20 hours of your time to build a similar forecast using spreadsheets.

We built cloud-based software to replace clunky, error-prone spreadsheets and the dozens of hours of CFO work required to create and update them.

With our software, we are able to quickly sync new data so building and  updating forecasts is a breeze.

Yes, absolutely!

In fact, our Quarterly Board and Forecast Support package allows you to hire us instead of an analyst to help your CFO with FP&A and board reporting materials.

We’re also happy to support your CFO or finance team in learning the software over a couple of months by working with a AutoCFO, and then transition you to a software-only plan for $199/month.

We’re passionate about making life easier for business owners and CFOs.

No problem! In fact, any work we do together lives in your AutoCFO account, and if you hire a CFO in the future they’ll have access to your financials, forecasts, dashboards, everything… And they’ll continue to save time on spreadsheets and be able to skip straight to insights and analysis – what you really want them for anyway.

Also, many CFOs use our $5,000 a month product as an alternative to hiring an FP&A analyst as they ramp up the rest of their team.

Absolutely, we specialize in board conversations. However, we are not hired by boards, but directly by companies.  Then we work with those companies to help them improve board conversations. Our team has a combined experience of working with, sitting on, or reporting to over 100 boards.

Yes and no.

Yes, we are familiar with accounting and can help you translate what you need to your accounting team.

No, we do not do your day-to-day bookkeeping, and you probably shouldn’t either.

We recommend hiring an internal or external accounting team depending on your business’s size and complexity to complete your day to day operations.

Our team is focused on helping you project the future of your business. We are not tax experts, nor do we have audit or tax specialists on our team. We can provide you with a financial forecast to inform conversations with your tax CPA.

Each of our CFOs has worked with dozens of companies and may have some recommendations on software integrations, depending on your need or industry. Your accounting firm can help you set up the integrations for your business. Discuss integration support options with your CFO.

You won’t need help with your integration with AutoCFO. Your QuickBooks Online connection to AutoCFO is a one-click sync, and updating data is as also one click. Your CFO will help you organize your financial information within the software in your first conversation. Our setup is so fast we don’t actually consider it an “integration”.