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How to grow your business with a CFO

Build a solid foundation

Your CFO will build the information systems you need right now that will grow with your business.

Invest in your future business

Your CFO will help you understand how your investments in people and technology today will impact not only your current cash flow, but your future profitability once you scale up.

Empower your business with CFO services

Is cash flowing out too fast?

Are you sure? Your CFO will help you understand ALL of your income and expenses and select Key Performance Indicators that are important to your business.

KPI dashboards allow us to monitor if things are not going according to plan and flag that a deeper conversation is needed to determine the ‘why’.

Are you evaluating your options?

Your CFO can help you run scenarios as you plan for growth by putting numbers to your ideas and helping you evaluate whether your plan will move you toward or away from future profitability.

Grow with greater confidence and avoid costly pivots.

Clarity and transparency for investors

What does a CFO actually do?

The most important role of a CFO is to listen.

We need to understand you and your unique business so that we can make sense of your financial data.

The combination of your business story and current financial data helps us understand where you are right now and where you want to be headed, so we can help you get there!

Your business's future

Building a financial forecast is like painting a picture in numbers of where you want to go and how you will get there. If you plan to grow your customer base 10x in the next 2 years, we can paint a picture in numbers of the team, technology, and other resources you will need to make that happen. This is what your investors are looking for when they ask: What is your use of funds?

This story helps investors better understand how your business is a good investment for them—and why giving you money is a good idea.

High growth entrepreneurs

Build financial knowledge and inspire confidence from investors and banks

What message is your financial data sending to investors or potential investors?
Your data tells a story, so what can you do to make sure it's telling the story you want it to?

No confidence

If you have no idea how much revenue you might have or how much money you are actually spending on what, how can you know what is working, what isn't working and what the cost of growth will be?

If you don't know what's working now, investors think, how will you tell if you are investing in the right things if you raise a lot more money to pump into your ideas?

Low confidence in growth potential

If your financial information is a mess and it's impossible to tell what is revenue versus cash from investors, investors will have low confidence in your ability to run a larger business.

Messy financials and unclear analysis can turn off investors who worry: If you have this much of a mess with so few expenses, how much worse will it get as you grow?

Confidence and trust

Your historic financial data tells a story. It shows what you have done so far and how it worked out. It is the story of the team you built, the tools you implemented, and a dialog about how you run a business.

Clean data and quick, clear answers to financial questions from investors inspire confidence and trust.

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