About Us

AutoCFO started because its founder, Blair Morrison, was disheartened by her clients’ avoidance and fear around their business’ finances. As a fractional CFO, Blair works with her clients to demystify the pieces of their finances that impact whether they’re going to turn a profit or see red.

After testing out some options in the finance software space, she saw a need for an easy-to-navigate platform with everyday language that small business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants could use to gain control of the finances and plan for sustainable growth. That’s when AutoCFO was born.

AutoCFO is for the small business owners who want to understand the health of their business, but don’t have time to Google the definitions of finance jargon as they try to figure out what the numbers mean.​

Blair Morrison, CEO

It’s for the business who has a finance team and wants to create standard reports that everyone can understand – from the CEO, to the board, to the investors, to the staff – and that can remain consistent, even when there are staff changes.​

It’s for the bookkeeper and accountant that wants to provide added value to their clients, but they don’t have time to mess around with complicated on-boarding processes or take extra training on how to create forecasting models.

It’s for the fractional CFO who needs something quick, simple, and easy to communicate so that their clients can get moving on the pieces that are going to make an impact in their growth.​

In essence, AutoCFO’s mission is to make understanding a business’ finances easier so that more time can be spent doing the things that are going to help it grow.