About AutoCFO: A CFO Service for Entrepreneurs

We are an Austin, TX based team of fractional CFOs that love working with entrepreneurs and business managers. We believe in not just working on your accounting and reporting, but working together to build a strong financial foundation for your business and financial acumen for your team. Our CEO believes that having a solid grasp of your cash flow can make or break the success of your business and she’s passionate about making sure every single business owner has access to the education and support they need to make their visions a reality.

Building a Strong Financial Foundation for Your Business

We start building that foundation by working with you and your accounting team to set up financial data that makes it easier to make financial decisions for the future of your business. In fact, as part of our setup process, we complete an accounting review to help you organize your accounting data to work for you.

The next step in building a strong financial foundation is working together to build a budget that is not only board-ready, but goal-oriented and actionable. Our bottoms-up forecasts, powered by our cloud-based automation technology, can be ready in weeks with only the necessary information gathering and review time required from your team.

To round out our financial foundation work, we work with your business to identify and track Key Performance Indicators (essentially the number that will tell you if things are going well or not so well quickly and clearly). KPIs help you quickly identify if things are not going according to plan and flag that a deeper conversation is needed to determine the ‘why’.

Easy to Follow Financial Data and Board Meeting Ready Reports

If financial transparency within your organization is a goal you seek, we can even create department-level dashboards for non-financial managers to better understand how their decisions impact their overall budget.

Next, we build on that foundation through monthly conversations, including the following goals:

  • Keep a strong accounting and operational spending foundation through regular review of numbers against your forecast and goals
  • Keep your bank account on track through re-forecasts of cash flow projections, evolving them as your business evolves
  • Build and track new KPIs at investor request
  • Recommend cash-saving strategies to improve cash flow

Our reports are always board meeting ready, including a bottom-up forecast, making every board meeting a breeze. Good, clean, consistent data is key to any business decision, and we are here to help you make that a reality. And way easier than you ever dreamed.

Quality Financial Advice to Help You Meet Your Goals

Our goal is for start-up founders to have access to quality financial advice, customized to their business and situation early. Before they raise another round of capital, we want them to feel comfortable and confident in the financial data they present to investors. This means having access to a financial expert to support them in building a forecast and KPIs their investors are blown away by. A perfect situation for us is one where, when asked for a financial plan, the company simply opens their AutoCFO forecast in our beautifully formatted software, and walks their investors through their plan with confidence.

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