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5 Items Every Budget Should Include

Whether you love it or hate it, budgeting is extremely important for all types of businesses. The key to successful and accurate budgeting is to not forget anything. What’s the best way not to forget anything? Have a checklist. When you use a checklist, you limit surprises and help ensure you didn’t forget anything during the budget building process.

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Tax Time… Again

Tax season! Personally, it is not my favorite task. I love spreadsheets and financials and numbers, but I do not like doing my taxes. Tax season is also that time of year where we all take a hard look at how we did last year.

– Did we hit the revenue goals that we were expecting?
– Did we achieve the cash flows that we were planning on?
– Are we going to make a contribution to our 401(k) this year or defer that decision another year?
– Did I make enough money to make a withdrawal or pay myself a little more?

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Top 3 Reasons Business Owners Don’t Build a Budget

Most business owners know they should build a budget, but don’t bother creating one. Why is that? Here are the 3 main reasons.

– I’ve never built a budget and wouldn’t know where to start.
– I’m not a big numbers fan or I don’t like Excel.
– I’ve done one in the past, but never ended up looking at it so it seems kind of pointless.

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