Accelerate business growth

With a Virtual CFO

We’re making expert CFO analysis, review, and insights available to entrepreneurs without the price tag of an in-house or fractional CFO. Because our CFO services are powered by AutoCFO, our rates are 1/10th of the price of an average monthly CFO, while still providing meetings with our real-life financial experts on a live call.

What do CFO services cost?

In-House CFO

with Spreadsheets

In-house CFOs have a median cost of $136,000 per year, with more experienced CFOs earning well into the $400k range.

monthly cost:

$11,000 - $34,000

Fractional CFO

with Spreadsheets

Fractional, or consulting CFOs have a median cost of $124,000 per year, but most charge hourly or a monthly retainer of $5,000-$10,000/month.

monthly cost:

$5,000 - $10,000

Virtual CFO

with AutoCFO

Powered by AutoCFO’s time-saving financial organization, forecasting, and reporting features, we offer flat-rate Virtual CFO services:

monthly cost:


AutoCFO Automation

Powers expert efficiency

AutoCFO’s powerful budgeting and analytics tool allows us to offer flat-rate Virtual CFO services at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Our services include monthly meetings with a CFO to discuss your financials, tweak your financial forecast, or discuss concerns about your business’ finances. Our Virtual CFOs will even help you set up your forecast and KPI dashboards.

Our Virtual CFOs harness the power of AutoCFO to jump right to expert analysis and insights, skipping the tedious hours of spreadsheet work.

The secret sauce is the software. We pay our experts an hourly rate appropriate to their expertise, they just skip the untold hours of data wrangling that other CFOs are tethered to, and we pass on the savings to you.

A quick call with a CFO to see if we’re a good fit for your needs.

What is a

Virtual CFO?

A Virtual CFO is a real human who will execute expert CFO-level analysis and offer insights to you about your business. The only virtual thing about our CFOs is how you’ll meet with them – live online via video and/or screen share.

What's included?

AutoCFO Pro Account

Full access to your own Pro level software offers easy integration and automation for streamlined business finances ($199 value).

Expert Setup & Onboarding

Meet live online with your Virtual CFO for quick & easy onboarding.  They’ll set up your AutoCFO account while talking through key aspects of your business.

Monthly Check-In

Ongoing CFO support, analysis, and insights on a monthly video/screen share call. 

How does AutoCFO save your Virtual CFO so much time?

AutoCFO was founded by Blair Morrison, a CFO who was tired of endless hours drowning in spreadsheets. She found herself doing the same tedious but detailed tasks month after month, for multiple clients. There had to be a better way, right? Blair searched, asked other CFOs, and found NOTHING that did what she needed. So, she built it.

Fast forward a couple of years and a LOT of hard work, and Blair is finally, truly able to do what she set out to do: Make CFO-level analysis and insights available to entrepreneurs for whom in-house or even fractional CFO price tags have previously been out of reach.

The typical CFO spends about 12 per month—or even per week depending on reporting schedules—on gathering and updating data, re-linking spreadsheets, and answering questions. AutoCFO brings that 12 hours down to 1-2 hours, and makes it possible for us to bring CFO services to our customers at 1/10th of regular CFO rates.

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