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Why Excel Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

With more and more sources of data at your fingertips in our lives, stale Excel reports really don’t cut it anymore. If you are using these as the only way you communicate information to the business managers you work with, it’s time to re-evaluate.

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Accountants, CFOs: Save Time. AND Be a Rockstar.

How much time does it take to answer a “simple” question like, “What was our revenue for X customer last month?” I once had a private equity investor grumble at me with a tone of complete and utter annoyance. He had asked one of our portfolio company’s controllers that question and received the response, “Can I get back to you on that tomorrow?”

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Selecting KPIs for my Small Business

The internet makes Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) seem like the gold pot at the end of the rainbow of business management. And thus these metrics are shrouded in so much mystery that the search for the perfect KPIs becomes an unachievable quest. Let me part the clouds of mystery for you.

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Tax Time… Again

Tax season! Personally, it is not my favorite task. I love spreadsheets and financials and numbers, but I do not like doing my taxes. Tax season is also that time of year where we all take a hard look at how we did last year.

– Did we hit the revenue goals that we were expecting?
– Did we achieve the cash flows that we were planning on?
– Are we going to make a contribution to our 401(k) this year or defer that decision another year?
– Did I make enough money to make a withdrawal or pay myself a little more?

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Top 3 Reasons Business Owners Don’t Build a Budget

I talk to business owners all the time who have heard that building a budget is a good idea, but don’t have a budget. Here are the three main reasons I’ve heard as to why this is:

– I’ve never built a budget and wouldn’t know where to start.
– I’m not a big numbers fan or I don’t like Excel.
– I’ve done one in the past, but never ended up looking at it so it seems kind of pointless.

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Get Rid of the Noise

Have you ever opened the financials for your business and immediately felt overwhelmed? So many numbers, no point of reference, and 5-10 clicks to find the data you actually need. Not fun! See how AutoCFO can help you wrangle your data as if you had a team of financial analysts on your side!

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How Do You Build A Financially Resilient Business?

It is one thing to grow a business, and it’s another to grow a financially resilient one. The fact that you’re reading this article tells me that you’ve already set yourself apart from the pack by knowing that “growth” and “resilient growth” are not one and the same…

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