Get Rid of the Financial Noise

Do Something with All That Financial Data

Too Much Data?

Have you ever opened the financials for your business and immediately felt overwhelmed? So many numbers, no point of reference, and 5-10 clicks to find the data you actually need. Not fun! This is why most business owners dread looking at their books every month. There is too much data, too much noise, and the key facts are covered in layers or impenetrable data.

Wrangle your Data with AutoCFO

One of the key features of AutoCFO is to help you relabel and reorganize your financial statements YOUR WAY. This may seem obvious, but the way your account and tax specialist look at your business and the way you, the operations manager, view it are two different things. The financials data that is key for tax purposes are often very different from the financials and groupings needed to operate a business effectively.

In large organizations like Google and Apple, there are armies of financial analysts that can help categorize, regroup, and rename financials in whatever way management is looking for. That’s great for big companies, but for small businesses, financial statements are largely used for tax purposes and a general guideline for managers. This is changing.

Data is Power!

If you, as many small business owners are, competing with bigger fish in your pond, every advantage you can take is the key to survival. With AutoCFO the hours (and sometimes days!) of financial fiddling in Excel are gone. One time, easy set-up to make sure the data you need is grouped your way and you’re set. Automatically updating dashboards and metrics are at your fingertips. A quick 1-minute integration with QBO and you’re up and running. 

The majority of the data you need already exists. It’s being tracked in your financials, just not in your language, not YOUR WAY. What you need is an easy way to relabel and organize that information, then have that automatically update anytime you ask it to (hint: we built in a refresh button just for you). You can check your revenue once a month or 6 times a day – this is data your way, on your schedule. Get rid of all the noise, and look at your financials in a way that makes sense to you. 

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