How a Customized Dashboard for QuickBooks Online Can Help your Clients

Repetition is Key

Want to help your clients understand their financials better? The key to understanding anything is repetition. When I first learned to tie my shoes it was a real challenge, but after years of repeating the same thing over and over again, I do it without thought. The same is true for financial information! As financial professionals we LIVE the numbers, we look at them all day every day.

Most people, especially extremely busy business owners and operators, don’t live in the numbers. What is the best way to get someone familiar with something they don’t do every day? Start with a few key numbers and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Another thing that helps is to make those numbers jump off the page. How? Not with paragraphs of text information (more information they don’t have time for isn’t going to help!) or monthly 1+ hour-long calls. Give them a snapshot of the numbers that are consistent, easy to access, and frequent.

A Customized Visual Dashboard for QuickBooks Online

Start with 5 or 6 numbers you know matter to them. Walk them through the dashboard monthly first, then cover anything else you want to cover. Next, let them know they can check in any time they want. Repeating this process with clear, concise information over 6-12 months can change the relationship an operator has with their numbers. Put the power and the timing in their hands. If the dashboard is easy and intuitive – hint: AutoCFO is a great dashboard tool – you could be the hero that helps your clients get to know their numbers. Sign up for your free trial today!